How to bill Slevomat promotions. Instructions for your accountants

We have used your comments to prepare a specific guidelines for your accountants. The manual answers questions on when and how to post Slevomat promotions, and provides an illustrative example.

Frequently Asked Questions on Billing

  • When (from the accounting point of view) do I accept the money for the vouchers? You accept the money at the moment the order is paid. The money is stored in our bank account. The rent of our business platform includes the rent of our bank account; however, the funds are yours right from the beginning. Shared web interface offers overviews of such payments for the purposes of issuing tax invoices for your customers. To download, just click on the promotion, click on PAYMENT SUMMARY and then DOWNLOAD PAYMENT SUMMARY TO EXCEL.
  • When is a voucher included in the billing? The total receipts (reduced by the commission and the value of unredeemed vouchers) are disbursed gradually based on the voucher redemption date. Redeemed vouchers are included in the billing three times a month: on the 1st, 10th and 20th day in the month. With services and travel, the billing is performed on the basis of voucher redemption in the interface. With offers for specific dates (e.g. accommodation or cultural events), the vouchers are redeemed automatically on the day of the term.
  • How about goods? Goods are sold directly in the cart on Slevomat. The orders are included in the regular billing 19 days after being marked as received by the customer.
  • When does my money arrive then? The funds for the redeemed vouchers and goods are transferred from our account three times a month, on the 2nd, 11th and 21st day in the month. If the date falls on a non-business day, the money is sent on the closest following business day.
  • How about unredeemed vouchers? 100% of the value of unredeemed vouchers goes to Slevomat (therefore the amount for them must appear on our final commission invoice). So the unredeemed voucher is your earnings first (you will receive the funds in our account) and if the customer does not appear, it will appear on the invoice and it is a cost for you. The amounts are offset against each other. You have paid VAT from such a voucher at the beginning, if you are a payer, however, this amount is a cost for you again, so VAT is returned to you with our invoice. Unredeemed vouchers are marked on the invoice and contract as "Special Provider Reward".
  • Who issues tax invoices for the customers? You. The relationship between the customer and you is the same as if you sell the item concerned directly to the customer, without any involvement of Slevomat at all. We just accept a commission for renting you our platform through which you sell your services or goods. See the Manual below for more information.
  • What is the Taxable Supply Date for invoices issued to the customers? Always the date when the payment was accepted in the account. That is, when the customer paid to the Slevomat account. For goods, this means the date when your order is shown as "Order accepted" in your interface.
    Tax Invoice Manual for Customers 
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